Guatemala Well Drilling Trip


For the first time since 2019, SPC is going to Guatemala to drill a water well!

We are scheduled for the week of March 19-25, 2023, during APS Spring Break! For over 20 years, SPC has worked with Living Water International, who drills water wells in several Central American, Caribbean, and African countries, and also brings the Living Water of Jesus Christ to these communities. These trips have a long-lasting impact on the physical and spiritual health of the communities we serve. It is also an extraordinary experience for those of us who travel there, to work alongside indigenous well-drilling and hygiene teams and the community. For so many of us who have gone, it has been a life-changing, faith-building experience!

Here some of the specifics you need to know:

· Anyone age 14 or older may go (this is good because we are scheduled for spring break)

· The cost is $1850 plus airfare (which will be between $600 and $1200). This pays for all lodging, food, and transportation in Guatemala, emergency medical care and evacuation if necessary, and well-drilling and hygiene supplies.

· The Mission team has funds available to supplement anyone who cannot afford or raise the entire cost.

· Registration and background checks will need to begin by December 15.

A well drilling team has a maximum number of 12 members; currently we have 10 openings. If you are interested in going, I can give you much more information, including typical itineraries, vaccination suggestions, packing tips, and my own personal experiences. Please contact Steve Sobolik at 505-259-1888, or You can also check out the Living Water website at


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