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Our Mission: 
Sandia Presbyterian Preschool in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a Five Star preschool based on Christian values which serves young children as they grow and develop.  We provide an environment where children are guided with love and compassion and are offered numerous learning opportunities through functional play.  We embrace and respect every child for his or her unique qualities and promote the individual growth and success of each child. 

Our Philosophy

Sandia Presbyterian Preschool is a Christian education center committed to providing faith-based developmentally appropriate educational opportunities for the social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical growth of the young child.  We believe that children should be nurtured, respected for their own individuality and encouraged to grow at their own rate.  We embrace every child's individual needs and therefore, provide opportunities in which each child can experience success.  We believe that every child and their family deserve equitable access to appropriate services and supports that acknowledge their uniqueness and enable them to reach their full potential.
We provide an environment which allows educational experiences to take place through "interest areas" that offer opportunities at play, make-believe, interactions with others, experimentation, exploration, manipulation of objects, use of the five sense and hands-on experiences.
We believe that children develop a sense of trust, compassion, and become accountable through observation and personal experience of positive role modeling.  Therefore, we are committed to valuing and embracing all children and their families through our staff's interactions.

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Parent Handbook

View and print the Parent Handbook and learn all about Sandia Presbyterian Preschool. Our director, Christy Lutz, is happy to provide you a printed copy of this at any time as well as answer any of your questions.


5 Star F.O.C.U.S. Accreditation

We are a 5 Star Preschool! Our Preschool has been annually awarded the prestigious 5 Star FOCUS Accreditation, which is the highest quality level attainable by FOCUS, since 2018! Click the button for more information.

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Teaching Staff: 

Ingrid Domonkos              Kassie Olvera

Erika Lucero                   Elizabeth Diehl

Mandi Jackson            Annie Sakievich

Kyra Bahe              Kara Hall

Marni Jansen van Vuuren