Current Series

What God Hates

God hates all that damages, deforms, and divides humanity. God longs for us to flourish in healthy communities. The seven things God hates described in Proverbs 6:16-19 contribute to breaking down the peaceful and healthy relationships in which God intends us to live. God is committed to wholeness in our relationships and thus is implacably opposed to socially destructive human failings and sins.

The Kingdom in the Chaos

Hurricane Sandy provided a powerful fusion of N.T. Wright's teachings that the Kingdom is at hand now, evidenced in the witness and ministry of believers, with the hands-on Kingdom-at-hand ministry of Outreach Red Bank in NJ, where SPC seminarian Ken Lucas is an intern.

Imperfect Faith

Your faith does not have to be perfect. Faith makes us whole. Jesus says, "Do not be afraid, only believe."

The Marks of Discipleship

We don't need to be "super Christians" to be disciples. This series examines various ways in which we grow as disciples.

The Prodigal

The word "prodigal" has rich meanings applicable to many people in this familiar parable.

The Freedom Puzzle

Freedom is one of the most cherished American values. But the truth is we are never really free until we freely submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

This Way Up

A look at various ways God calls us to act in carrying out his purposes.