Current Series

2 Corinthians: Upside Down Life

Join us for this 6-week sermon series on 2 Corinthians as we discover what the Apostle Paul has to teach us about living our faith amid the challenges of life. In 2 Corinthians we will discover that Christ followers are invited to live in a way that is upside down compared to the ways that people typically live.

The Reel Advent

Iconic Christmas movies help us examine many of the themes of Advent.

The Essential Invisible

The challenge that comes with blessings is gratitude. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to re-focus our attention and practice gratitude for our many gifts as children of God.

Unwelcome Guests

What have we sacrificed for Jesus? Simon rejected the heartfelt sacrifice of the sinful woman, but Jesus did not.


How do we go about making good decisions and discerning God's will?

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