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Letting Go of Shame

Dr. Doug Hucke kicks off our Lenten sermon series "Letting Go", with this week's message "Letting Go of Shame" and the...

Letting Go | Feb 18, 2024 | Dr. Doug Hucke

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The Apostles' Creed

The Apostles' Creed provides the basics of our faith in a concise statement. Legend has it that the Apostles themselves wrote it, even assigning specific articles to specific Apostles, but during the Reformation that notion was generally lost. A better way to view this creed is as Apostolic teaching. This series explores the deep truths contained in these short statements.


Genuine community and fellowship in Christ: we all want it. Do we know how-and are we willing-to cultivate it? Scripture guides us with many "one another" commands: love one another, encourage one another, speak truth in love to one another, etc. How might these commands deepen your relationship with God and with others?

Restoring Rhythm in 2015

A lot of us suffer of arrhythmia in life. We succumb to the tyranny of the urgent, which pushes the important aside. Instead of resolving to crowd more things into your life in 2015, resolve to

restore more rhythm, making room for important spiritual practices.

On Your Heart

Transition to the new year offers a chance for reflection, looking both backwards and forwards.

What Are We Waiting For?

Advent is a season of waiting and expectation. What are we waiting for, other than Christmas presents?

Diet Jesus

We are often tempted to practice "light" faith, ignoring the call to do things that are difficult and sacrificial.

All Things

Jesus is Lord of all things, not just some things. Remembering this can help us keep life's struggles in perspective. As Dutch theologian Abraham Kyper put it, "There is not one inch of the world that Christ does not claim, saying, 'That is mine.'"

The Tie That Binds

Church and faith provide the tie that connects us to God and to each other.

Risky Business

Suffering for the Christian faith, in various forms, is inevitable. Persecution happens because of who people are, not what they do, so even though Christians may sometimes act stupidly, we don't "have it coming" because of the actions of some. Jesus warns us that, just as he was persecuted, we will be persecuted for our faith, even in a comparatively protected country like the U.S.

The Meal

Communion brings us together in shared faith, despite differences of opinion on other matters.

Temptations in the Wilderness

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness but did not give in to temptation. Still, he understands our temptations in a very personal way. He calls us to resist temptation, but he also forgives when we fall short, urging us to do better next time.

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