Speaker: Dr. Doug Hucke

Preservation of the Truth

September 22, 2013

Truth in the OT describes a person more than a proposition, and for us truth is found...

Proclaiming the Gospel

September 08, 2013

If the church fails in proclaiming the Gospel, it fails. Proclaiming the Gospel...

Give Me a Break

September 01, 2013

Most Americans live in a perpetual state of tension and fatigue. A good night's sleep...

Who Are You Talking To?

August 18, 2013

We cam experience joy even in difficult times. Both the Philippi congregation and Paul...

All That Glitters

August 04, 2013

Paul's desire to know Christ Jesus the Lord trumps everything else. Jesus does not...

Perfect Joy

July 28, 2013

Fame is currently the top American value, but fame cannot bring us joy, not even...

Joy Will Find a Way

July 21, 2013

Joy is a gift from God--God offers us this gift, but we have to choose to accept it...

Joy by Design

July 14, 2013

No matter where you are; no matter what is going on, joy is possible. God wants to...