Current Series

What God Hates

God hates all that damages, deforms, and divides humanity. God longs for us to flourish in healthy communities. The seven things God hates described in Proverbs 6:16-19 contribute to breaking down the peaceful and healthy relationships in which God intends us to live. God is committed to wholeness in our relationships and thus is implacably opposed to socially destructive human failings and sins.

The Utter Relief of Holiness

Exploration of the freedom and relief found through following Christ, drawing on the book by John Eldgredge by the same title.

So You Think You Can Dance?

Rev. David Casson's farewell sermon at Sandia, as he leaves for North Creek Presbyterian Church in the Seattle area.

Pushing God's Buttons

We like to think we can control God, as if with the click of a button, that we can persuade God to give us what we want. But God is beyond our control, and His plans for us are far greater than we can imagine. There is a big difference between what we want and what we need, and we need to learn to trust God in all things.

Up, Down, and Out

As subjects of the King, our calling is to make every day Serve Day until Christ returns. The Kingdom has come but it is not complete--it will only be complete when Jesus returns. Until then, we are charged with working with the Spirit in Kingdom work. We have work to do.

The Road from Jerusalem

While the account of the encounter between the risen Jesus and two disciples is often called "The Road to Emmaus," it more accurately is "The Road from Jerusalem," because they are fleeing Jerulsalem, scene of despair--"anywhere but here." Like fair-weather sports fans who leave early, the two disciples left Jerusalem before the story was over, missing the risen Savior. But he came to them, and when they lost their spiritual blindness and recognized their Lord, they returned with good news.

The Unfinished Story

We believe Jesus Christ is alive today--not dead. And because he is alive he makes a difference. The greatest proof of the Resurrection is lives transformed.

Shattering Our Expectations

Our expectations of Jesus are limited because it is hard for us to grasp his infinite nature. Jesus came to shatter our finite expectations. He came for all of us because he wants so much more for us than we attempt or expect. He came, not to meet our expectations, but to save us from them.

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Doubt is inevitable in faith. It is neither good nor bad in itself, nor is it the opposite of belief. Doubt comes from many sources. It helps us to identify and address aspects of our faith that need attention.

Hard Questions

Three-week series on some of the difficult questions that arise for modern Christians.

The Right Road

One of life's great challenges is finding (and returning to) the path God intends for us amid so many distracting choices.

The Old Man's Song

Psalm 23 is so familiar that we tend not to notice its beauty and profundity, so join this guided tour to re-open our eyes. Scholars believe David wrote this psalm late in life.