Current Series

What God Hates

God hates all that damages, deforms, and divides humanity. God longs for us to flourish in healthy communities. The seven things God hates described in Proverbs 6:16-19 contribute to breaking down the peaceful and healthy relationships in which God intends us to live. God is committed to wholeness in our relationships and thus is implacably opposed to socially destructive human failings and sins.

The Party

As in the parable, the Great Banquet is an invitation from a loving and generous God to share in a faith-building experience and celebration.

The Nag

An exploration of the appropriate role of prayer - persistent prayer seeking God's guidance and intentions, rather than our own wishes.

A World of Hope

1 Peter spoke to persecuted Christians, emphasizing the hope to be found in Jesus Christ. The message continues to be relevant in our times.

A Split Decision

Solomon's decision, with two competing claims of motherhood, illuminates the identity of the true mother. But more important and defining than our identities as parents, or other earthly roles, is our identity in Jesus Christ.


This four-week series addresses words beginning with "gr-" that are part of our faith struggles and growth.

The Hiddenness of Jesus

The disciples did not recognize the risen Jesus when they met him on the road to Emmaus. We also struggle to find the living Christ in our busy lives.

Is It Really a Thing?

Jesus' Resurrection is no hoax perpetuated by the Apostles. All of us have experienced God's grace and transformation in our lives through the risen Jesus. Thus we, too, are witnesses to the Resurrection.